G Hope Limited is an Internet based company along with its subsidiary companies which will be dwelling in other fields as set out below:

1.Bob Marley Tribute Concert (Film made on the 21st May 1981).

2.HopeBook (Social Networking).
3.Global Hope Charity (Striving towards Eradication of Famine/Sickness/Poverty on Earth)


Initial business strategy is the BOB MARLEY Tribute Concert, made on the 21st May 1981, a Live performance with National and International Reggae artists and bands paying homage to Bob Marley on the day of his State Funeral in Nine Mile/Jamaica, including a full Rastafarian religious ceremony which was filmed by professional film crew headed by Roger Deakins. Copyrights sole owner Mr. Tony Michael, which has leased usage rights to G.Hope limited, once fully edited, all streaming, downloads and sales will be administered by Professional Media-Service Provider and Production Company to be appointed by:  


Having carried out researches the growth of the Reggae music industry worldwide, is widely known that various musical corporations, including the Global Reggae Industrial average index shows that over one billion persons stream Reggae music on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, among many others, the figure is regularly increasing due to technological uptake; Our company will carry out proper advertising by means of various Social Networking sites including multiple networks; Promotions and other means that can draw public attention in the awareness of  www.ghope.org  thereby anticipate a realistic 10% of the above figures visit to our website,
 further research on the statistics shows that the majority of Reggae and Rastafarian followers including subscribers of other music genres are vastly influenced by 


  The film and reggae music we offer, via A Media-Services Provider and Production Company that will be appointed by G Hope Limited will further assist our company to achieve its purpose. 

The Bob Marley Tribute Concert, has never been released or viewed by the public, nor has any of the original music captured been heard before. 

The credentials and originality of the Tribute Concert's film makes it an influential and unique product in the current market, which is expected to draw a vast attention.  

Due to our companies policy which will continuously carry out,  20% of all

 profits made thru the Tribute Concert Film rights will be donated to Global Hope Charity Organization via:  www.ghope.org All donations will continuously be displayed on Global Hope Charities web pages on this website, including as how the donated funds are spent in assisting the World in the ERADICATION of FAMINE-SICKNESS-and POVERTY in every corner of



Warning: Any persons or company that copies the inventions of G HOPE Limited or its ideas and purposes or similarities to it, past present or future will be prosecuted and sued to its fullest extent.



Copyright © Tony Michael. All rights reserved.